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Health Screening In Singapore

Taking proactive steps to monitor and maintain your health is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. Aside from eating healthy and engaging in physical activities, another thing you should consider is doing regular health screenings.


- Detect Health Issues Early

- Be Aware Of Your Health Risks

- Manage Your Health Risks

What Health Screening Packages Can I Get For Under S$1K In Singapore?

Health365 in partnership with trusted and reliable medical providers in Singapore offers our readers a variety of choices for comprehensive health screening packages under S$1K. Select a package and be proactive in protecting your health.


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What Is The Benefit Of Health Screening?

1. Early detection of health problems

Early detection

Many health conditions including cancer may have no obvious symptoms, especially in their early stages. The benefit of health screening is the detection of diseases, such as cancer. In general, the earlier cancer is detected, the better the chances of successful treatment is. 

In Singapore, the top two most occurring cancers are breast and colorectal cancers. Data suggests that early detection helped improve the survival rate for these types of cancers. The five-year Age-Standardised Relative Survival rate (ASRS) of breast cancer in Singapore improved over the years from 49.9% in 1973-1977 to 82.1% in 2015-2019 with early detection and better treatment options. Colorectal cancer on the other hand, is one of the more curable malignancies with regular screening. Early detection and removal of colorectal cancer cells can significantly lower the risk of further cancer development. If discovered at Stage I, colorectal cancer survival rates in Singapore for both men and women are close to 84% and 86%, respectively.

2. Health Awareness

 Health Awareness

It is a common misconception that health screening is not needed if you are regularly seeing a general practitioner or family doctor. Regular GP visits are generally focused on treating existing health conditions or addressing any immediate concerns that you may have. While regular health screenings help to identify potential health problems even if you are experiencing no symptoms. Health screenings provides you with more information about your overall health status, potential health risks, and lifestyle modifications that can help you improve your overall well-being.

3. Preventive Healthcare

Preventive Healthcare Singapore

Preventive healthcare is highly emphasised in Singapore’s healthcare system and part of it is regular health screenings. People are encouraged to take proactive steps towards better health by doing regular health screenings to detect diseases at an early stage and determine one’s risks. 

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