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Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok Hospital (BK) Men’s Supreme Health Screening

Bangkok Hospital (BK) Men’s Supreme Health Screening

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Important Note to customers:

    All Customers should settle the full package cost for the medical screening package upon arrival at Bangkok Hospital, Thailand.

    1. Basic Measurement : Vital Signs, Body Mass Index (BMI)
    2. Physical Examination by Medical Physician
    3. Eye Screening by Ophthalmologist
    4. Hearing Screening by Audiologist
    5. Imaging Investigation: Chest X-Ray
    6. Imaging Investigation: Ultrasound Whole Abdomen
    7. Cardiovascular Investigation: Exercise Stress Test (EST)
    8. Cardiovascular Investigation: Electrocardiogram (EKG)
    9. Cardiovascular Investigation: Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI)
    10. Cardiovascular Investigation: Carotid Duplex
    11. Check-up Report Book

    12. Blood Tests: Complete Blood Count
    13. Sugar Profile: Fasting Blood Sugar
    14. Sugar Profile: HbA1C
    15. Lipid Profile: Cholesterol
    16. Lipid Profile: HDL
    17. Lipid Profile: LDL
    18. Lipid Profile: Triglyceride
    19. Kidney Function Test: BUN
    20. Kidney Function Test: Creatinine
    21. Kidney Function Test: eGFR
    22. Uric Acid
    23. Liver Function Test: SGPT
    24. Liver Function Test: SGOT
    25. Liver Function Test: GGT
    26. Liver Function Test: Alkaline Phosphatase
    27. Liver Function Test: Total Protein (Albumin & Globulin)
    28. Liver Function Test: Bilirubin (Total Bilirubin & Direct Bilirubin)
    29. Thyroid Function Test: TSH
    30. Thyroid Function Test: Free T4
    31. Thyroid Function Test: Free T3
    32. Tumor Markers: PSA for Prostate Cancer
    33. Tumor Markers: CEA for Gastro-intestinal Cancer
    34. Tumor Markers: AFP for Liver Cancer
    35. Urinalysis


    Package Price: THB21,600


    This package must be used within 3 months from the date of purchase.

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