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Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok Hospital (BK) Women’s Supreme Health Screening

Bangkok Hospital (BK) Women’s Supreme Health Screening

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Important Note to customers:

    All Customers should settle the full package cost for the medical screening package upon arrival at Bangkok Hospital, Thailand.

    1. Basic Measurement : Vital Signs, Body Mass Index (BMI)
    2. Physical Examination by Medical Physician
    3. Eye Screening by Ophthalmologist
    4. Hearing Screening by Audiologist
    5. Pep Smear (thin prep) and Pelvic Examination
    6. Imaging Investigation: Chest X-Ray
    7. Imaging Investigation: Ultrasound Whole Abdomen
    8. Imaging Investigation: Bone Density Lumbar Hip
    9. Imaging Investigation: Digital Mammogram / Ultrasound
    10. Cardiovascular Investigation: Exercise Stress Test (EST)
    11. Cardiovascular Investigation: Electrocardiogram (EKG)
    12. Cardiovascular Investigation: Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI)
    13. Cardiovascular Investigation: Carotid Duplex
    14. Check-up Report Book

    15. Blood Tests: Complete Blood Count
    16. Sugar Profile: Fasting Blood Sugar
    17. Sugar Profile: HbA1C
    18. Lipid Profile: Cholesterol
    19. Lipid Profile: HDL
    20. Lipid Profile: LDL
    21. Lipid Profile: Triglyceride
    22. Kidney Function Test: BUN
    23. Kidney Function Test: Creatinine
    24. Kidney Function Test: eGFR
    25. Uric Acid
    26. Liver Function Test: SGPT
    27. Liver Function Test: SGOT
    28. Liver Function Test: GGT
    29. Liver Function Test: Alkaline Phosphatase
    30. Liver Function Test: Total Protein (Albumin & Globulin)
    31. Liver Function Test: Bilirubin (Total Bilirubin & Direct Bilirubin)
    32. Thyroid Function Test: TSH
    33. Thyroid Function Test: Free T4
    34. Thyroid Function Test: Free T3
    35. Tumor Markers: CEA for Gastro-intestinal Cancer
    36. Tumor Markers: AFP for Liver Cancer
    37. Urinalysis



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